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Patriot Series Sprayers

The Patriot Series sprayers provides consistent, accurate application across every piece of ground, all season, every season. The Patriot sprayers offer exceptional space to work in, allowing operators to stretch out their legs during those days when long hours of spraying are required. Vast amounts of cab glass and a well-thought-out cab ...

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Titan Series Floaters

The Titan Series Floater is built to get more out of every day and pack more productive days into every season, Titan Series floaters are ready to help you make the most of your windows of opportunity. Whether you're applying liquids, granular materials, or both, you'll be riding high in a machine that's designed to meet the needs of ...

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Pre-plant, side-dress or strip-till, Case IH fertilizer applicators offer yield-boosting power by increasing nutrient uptake, minimizing runoff and delivering high returns. With the Root zone banding technology makes your fertilizer investment count. Case IH Fertilizer Applicators place nutrients deep in the root zone where they are more ...

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