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Certified AFS DealerB&S is proud to offer a wide variety of products and services to meet your precision farming needs. Not only is B&S Enterprises a certified dealer for Case IH branded AFS products, we also carry and service Trimble, Raven, Ag Leader, and Precision Planting products. From the simplest of solutions to the most advanced products on the market, B&S Enterprises Precision Farming department provides the best guidance & steering, section & rate control, harvest solutions, GPS recievers, data management software, and display options available.

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AFS Connect

Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect lets you remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data, enabling you to optimize your performance, productivity and flexibility. Visualize your equipment efficiently with little to no idle time, placing information at your fingertips so you can successfully manage your operations anytime, anywhere. All new Model Year AFS Connect™ Magnum™ tractors, AFS Connect™ Steiger® tractors, Axial-Flow 250 series combines and the new Patriot 50 series sprayers come with a 5 year subscription to AFS Connect technology. Easily organize your fields and applications. Gain relevant agronomic insights that connect you to your farm down to the field level, allowing you to share selected farm, field or field operation data with trusted partners. Download the AFS Connect Farm app on your Android or Apple IOS device for free and start making better decisions about your farm from anywhere, anytime.

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Data Management Software

Single Source Solutions: Management Tools To Help You Tie It All Together. View, edit, manage, analyze and utilize your precision farming data with Case IH AFS software. Through a single, integrated software package, you gain the flexibility and analysis power to support all your precision farming needs —generating yield maps, prescription maps, and more. Whether it’s through your AFS Pro 700 display, crop consultant, ag retailer or other supplier, AFS software lets you easily import and manage your data for your operational needs. Case IH AFS Software lets you manage, view and edit all the precision farming data collected with your AFS equipment, as well as other precision farming data sources. Organize all your data with a single software program, then generate and print layouts, reports and charts. Share maps and reports with landlords, consultants, etc.

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Whether you need to do tillage or planting in the spring, spraying in the summer or harvesting in the fall, your Case IH AFS Pro display is at the heart of the task. Count on a single intuitive interface to connect with all your equipment and monitor your performance, even with mixed fleets. Move it from vehicle to vehicle to spread the investment across your entire operation. Explore displays and discover the best model for controlling equipment functions and tracking important information - all from your operator's chair.

  • AFS Pro 1200 Designed for intuitive navigation, the AFS Pro 1200 display features anti-glare for visibility on even the brightest days. Remote display viewing connects operators with farm managers seamlessly, and Bluetooth® capabilities pair the display with a mobile device for an intuitive user experience that rivals the latest smart phones and tablets.
  • AFS Pro 700 Count on the single interface to connect with all your equipment and implements, so that monitoring your performance is more manageable, even with a mixed-color fleet. Move the display from machine to machine, allowing you to spread the investment across your entire operation.
  • Additional Display Solutions Additional display solutions are available to fill the precision farming gaps in your operation.
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    Guidance & Steering

    Advance your operation with Case IH auto guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows.

  • The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we’re farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. With solutions such as new AFS Vector Pro and the AFS 372 GNSS receiver, Case IH delivers the innovative precision farming solutions you need to connect your entire operation.
  • AccuGuide is a fully integrated autoguidance system that allows you to achieve sub-inch level accuracy and maintain accurate row positioning across different types of terrain and field conditions.
  • AFS AccuTurn and AccuTurn Pro work with AFS AccuGuide to provide hands-free steering for automatic, repeatable end-of row turns — maximizing a vehicle’s turning accuracy and overall efficiency.
  • AFS steering solutions expand beyond AFS Accuguide™ and ElectriSteer. AFS steering solutions provide simple, easy-to-install autopilot and autoguidance capabilities to most makes and models of agricultural equipment.
  • Whether your operation requires sub-inch accuracy reliable year-to-year repeatability, or simply fast, dependable guidance and data gathering, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems lets you customize your precision farming technology precisely to your needs and objectives.
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    Harvest Solutions

    Harvest at peak efficiency with the new AFS Harvest Command™ combine automation system. Available with the Axial-Flow® 250 series combine, this advanced technology simplifies harvest by proactively sensing and optimizing machine settings to maximize grain quality and grain savings — regardless of operator skill level. High-Efficiency Harvest Using exclusive, patented technology, AFS Harvest Command automation proactively adjusts the combine as crop conditions change. You choose the level of automation from four modes of performance. From there, Harvest Command , with its 16 sensors throughout the machine, takes over controlling seven combine adjustments. This technology allows even the inexperienced operator to achieve the productivity of an expert. AFS Harvest Command automation is officially supported for the following crop types: corn, soybeans, canola barley, wheat and rice.

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    The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we’re farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. Case IH delivers the technology you need to improve productivity across your entire operation.

    AgGPS® 542 GNSS Base Station:
  • For mobile or fixed-based station.
  • For sub-inch accuracy levels, consider the 220-channel AgGPS 542 GNSS base station. GLONASS is already unlocked, and the 450 or 900 MHz RTK radio is integrated. It can be used as a mobile or fixed-base station.
  • AG715 Radio: Built For The Field The Ag 715 allows for uninterrupted connectivity in areas other products and technologies fail to perform. In addition, the Ag 715 is designed specifically for agricultural applications. The rugged, low-profile design is completely sealed to protect the radio from dust and moisture, all contributing to higher efficiency farming.
  • Multichannel 900 MHz rover radio that can be used with the AFS 372 GNSS receiver for RTK applications.
  • Available in 900 and 450 MHz frequency ranges.
  • License-free in North America (900 MHz only).
  • DCM-300 Modem: Power All Of Your AFS Connect Telematics- The rugged and robust DCM-300 modem provides wireless 3G connectivity, enabling reliable access to Trimble® CenterPoint™ VRS™ corrections, Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ corrections as well as other 3rd party network RTK solutions.
  • External antenna (included) connects to the modem to maximize cellular service
  • Connections for Wi-Fi and cellular Works with all brands of equipment and easy-to-install
  • Enables reliable access to Trimble CenterPoint corrections as well as other 3rd party network RTK solutions
  • Rugged and sealed aluminum housing
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    Section and Rate Controls

    Case IH AFS section and rate control lets you put seed, fertilizer and other inputs where you want them and ONLY where you want them. Reduced overlaps and more precise placement allow you to save on inputs, improve agronomic performance and lower overall costs. AccuControl can be used in conjunction with a Case IH Nutri-Placer and competitive sprayers, strip till applicators, NH3 applicators, and 48-row or smaller planter.

    Operators can:
  • Monitor and record seed population, average spacing, singulation and variation.
  • Control the hydraulic drives, liquid delivery and sections With AFS AccuControl, a single display operates any or all of these capabilities AND other tractor functions as well.
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    AFS Support


    With AFS Support, you can register equipment, find support materials, open tickets with the AFS Support Center and research additional AFS products that will complement your fleet. You will find service and support for all of your AFS products, while also coordinating with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer. You'll talk with an AFS support engineer who is 100% dedicated to keeping you rolling in the field.

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