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1200 Series Early Riser Planter

The 1200 Series Early Riser Planters sets the industry benchmark for consistency in row spacing and plant population accuracy. Engineered to deliver uniformity, the Early Riser Planters allow for versatility in rugged conditions and produce higher yields on average. We have what you need from a small farm with average acreage to Major Outfit ...

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2000 Series Early Riser Planter

2000 Series Early Riser Planters from the rugged row unit to the factory integration of the industry’s most accurate planter technologies, the 2000 series operates at your speed to ensure faster, more uniform emergence and the best yield possible.This easy-maintenance, planter allows for a customizable seeding depth and plants with accuracy by ...

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Flex Hoe Air Drills

Case IH Flex Hoe series air drills have the flexibility, durability and productivity you require for your small grain seeding operation. Available from 27 to 80 ft base size, transport height from 11'8" - 17'9", transport width of 17'8" - 20'6" and shank spacing of 7.2",10" or 12". Configurations to Suit Your Operation Case IH Flex Hoe Series ...

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Precision Air Carts

Precision Air Carts get superior air seeding, electric drive metering and individual section control with Case IH Air Carts. Tire packages available for ground pressures as low as 14 psi and single-or double-shoot distribution. Available with 2-4 Compartments, Capacity of 350-950bu, with ground clearance of 25" and 12'10"-15'18" in Height ...

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Precision Disk Air Drills

Precision Disk Air Drills whether tow-behind, tow-between, or mounted seed tanks, get higher-capacity air seeding with consistent seed placement and better seed-to-soil contact with Case IH Precision Disk Air Drills. Available from 25 to 60 ft tool bars widths, transport height from 11.9 - 14.8 ft., transport width of 12 -18.7 ft. and a tank ...

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