B&S Enterprises is Proud to announce we are now a LaneShark Equipment Dealer!

Made In The USA and Located in the panhandle of Florida we manufacture the original FEL mounted brush cutter designed for the compact to midsize tractor. American owned using American parts.


Reduce the workload of clearing hunting lanes, roads, pond edges, underbrush, and much more. Forget the pole saws and ladders!


With 11 cutting positions there's no job the Lane Shark Brush Cutter can't handle. Cut vertically, level with the ground, or 25°, 35°, & 45°


Fits most compact or midsize tractors with SSQA or the John Deere 400 & 500 series.

Check compatibility here.

  • Here is a compatibility check list to ensure the Lane Shark Brush Cutter will work with your machine.
  • Hydraulic pump flow rate must be at least 5GPM or greater.
  • Tractor must weigh at least 2,000lbs or greater.
  • Your tractor must be equipped with one of the following quick attach loaders:

  • SSQA
  • JD Pin
  • Global (adapter required)
  • Hydraulic hose requirements:

  • 5-8gpm 3/8″ inner diameter hydraulic hoses.
  • 8.5-14gpm 1/2″ inner diameter hydraulic hoses.
  • 15-20gpm 5/8″ inner diameter hydraulic hoses.
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