Vestrum Series


The NEW Case IH Vestrum tractors are efficient, flexible, reliable tractors with a variety of options to meet the demand. With power, maneuverability and premium cab comfort in a compact design, the all-new Vestrum series excels in all conditions. Efficient Power, First-Class Comfort and the Flexibility to Take on Any Job Case IH Vestrum series tractors combine maneuverability with premium cab comfort in a compact design without sacrificing the power of a high-horsepower tractor.Striking the perfect balance between compact design, best in class comfort & industry leading power ratings, the new Vestrum tractors offer you the ideal features for increased adaptability in dairy & livestock operations, haying operations, snow removal & specialty applications.


  • Vestrum 100- The Vestrum series 100 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 110 hp at 2,200 ERPM rated engine speed.
  • Vestrum 130- The Vestrum series 130 tractor features a 4-cylinder, 4.5-L engine, delivering up to 140 hp at 2,200 ERPM rated engine speed.
  • ENGINE: Powered by a 4-cylinder engine with a Wastegate turbocharger delivers more low-speed torque and better engine responsiveness.

  • FPT, 4.5L 4 cylinder Direct Injection with High Pressure Common Rail System
  • Transmission Options:

  • CVXDrive continuously variable transmission (CVT)
  • 24x24 ActiveDrive 8 Dual-Clutch transmission
  • OPERATORS ENVIRONMENT: Minimal visibility restriction with four-post rollover protection.

  • High roof design with 8, 12, or 14 LED lights.
  • Easy entry and exit from both sides of the cab via wide opening doors.
  • Excellent operator comfort and visibility with tinted glass and optional tinted roof window.
  • Innovative ergonomic design has been utilized for optimum positioning of all controls and switches .
  • Optional tuned cab suspension that works as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with the optional front axle suspension system.
  • PTO: Auto PTO is standard on all CVXDrive tractors. The Auto PTO function, when selected, provides automatic engagement and disengagement of the rear PTO when using the three point linkage. Raising the 3 point linkage to a certain level will stop the PTO rotation and lowering the linkage will restart the rotation. The stop/start position is adjustable and will be stored by the system.
  • 540-1969 Engine Speed.
  • 540E-1546 Engine Speed.
  • 1000-1893 Engine Speed.
  • The Vestrum is fitted with direct drive PTO to minimize power loss between engine and implement
  • The 540E PTO speeds allows the 540 speed implements with lower power requirements to be operated at reduced engine revs with the ECO speeds.
  • The 1000 and 540 PTO speed ratios are optimized to match the power curve of the engine. The speeds are reached at maximum power, which results in maximum productivity.
  • The PTO brake is automatically engaged when the PTO is disengaged. This brake can be released by holding down a separate switch.
  • HYDRAULICS: Closed Circuit Pressure and Flow Compensated hydraulic system which delivers 28.5 gallons (108 L/min) flow.
  • Quick and powerful response to any hydraulic demand, front, rear hitch or loader.
  • Oil circulates only when requested by the operator’s control for great efficiency.
  • One pump for all the functions without them affecting each other.
  • HITCHES: Electronically controlled rear hitch power lift system.
  • Rear Hydraulic Power lift with 80 mm external cylinders.
  • Quick attach link arm ends with hydraulic top link and RH side hydraulically adjustable leveling rod.
  • Mechanical or hydraulic op link mounting.
  • Lift capacity 6,700 lb
  • Lower link category 2 or 3.
  • AXLE & UNDERCARRIAGE: NEW class 1.75 front axle with a hub bearing, new ring gear flange/support system that has been increased in size. NEW king pins instead of spherical joint in order to improve steering performance. Unrestricted front axle weight is 8,175 lb. (3700 kg).

  • Inhouse designed front axle + suspension.
  • 2 models: 1.75 un- & suspended.
  • MFD is electro hydraulically engaged.
  • Managed automatically according to speed and steering angle.
  • Exceptional ground clearance to protect valuable vegetable crops.
  • Reduced soil compaction thanks to a wider footprint with 600/65R38 tires.
  • Increased traction thanks to a clearer surface area.
  • ADVANCED FARMING SYSTEMS (AFS): Intuitive AFS Pro 700 DisplayThe AFS Pro 700 touch screen display can be used to manage a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Autoguidance.
  • Accuturn (activation required).
  • Headland Turn Sequence II (HTSII).
  • ISOBUS Class 3 features.
  • B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

    LOADERS & ATTACHMENTS: The Power to Handle Any Loader Work A loader or an attachment turns a tractor into a versatile, powerful workhorse.

    Loaders- The Case IH L103 loader meets the needs of the full line of Vestrum series tractors and features fast, easy mounting and rugged, durable construction. If your choice is a Case IH Vestrum, the L103 is a perfect match. Work with your Case IH dealer to identify additional loader options, attachments and accessories.

    Mounting- Quick, easy mounting is a hallmark of Case IH loaders. Your Vestrum tractor arrives with all optional loader mounting brackets, a grill guard, mid-mount valves, in-cab joystick and hose kits.

    Attachments- Your Case IH dealer offers a full line of attachments to help you get the most productivity from your loader. Bucket options, forks, grapples, spikes, grips and cutters each attach quickly and easily.

    B&S Enterprises, Inc. Case IH Dealer and Technicians- Ready to handle any service issues to keep you going.

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