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Disk Rippers

Case IH Disk Rippers Tackle your primary tillage needs with a Case IH disk ripper — built for durability in tough conditions and flexibility to match your needs. Available across the 2020 Case IH tillage lineup, AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology helps you precisely coordinate control of your tillage equipment as conditions change, ...

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Field Cultivators

Case IH Tiger-Mate Field Cultivators set the standard for seedbed preparation. Our next-generation field cultivator series delivers agronomic advantages with each pass, helping you capitalize on your planter’s ideal productivity levels to achieve maximum yield potential. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 22'2"- 60'6", Transport Widths ...

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Heavy-Offset Disk Harrows

Case IH Heavy-Offset disk harrows perform an array of soil-conditioning tasks with tough, long-lasting components. Our offset disk harrows can be custom equipped with three disk blade sizes and spacing configurations to easily deep-till stalks and stubble, bury brush and level irrigated fields. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 11' 1" - ...

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In-Line Rippers

Case IH In-line Rippers are versatile primary tillage tools designed to limit compaction and control moisture for enhanced soil conditions that promote high yields. Effective for both conventional and no-till or conservation tillage practices, we have options to fit your operation. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 7'6"- 26'6", Row ...

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Strip Till

Case IH Nutri-Tiller 955 and 5310 are your one-pass seedbed solutions to improve soil tilth so air and water move freely and your planter can do its job placing the seed at the proper depth and creating good seed-to-soil contact.High Efficiency Crop Production Strip-till delivers the agronomic advantages of conventional tillage with the ...

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True-Tandem Disk Harrows

Case IH True-Tandem disk harrows lead the industry in ruggedness and reliability so you can manage heavy crop residue with ease. True-Tandem disk harrow technology combines uniformly distributed pull forces with exclusive Earth Metal blades for optimal tillage performance, even in the roughest of fields. Built on proven Agronomic Design ...

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Vertical Tillage

Case IH Vertical Tillage whether it’s spring or fall, Case IH vertical tillage equipment delivers a fast and efficient way to cover vast acreage, manage crop residue, level the soil and achieve optimal field conditions.Our vertical tillage lineup is built on proven Agronomic Design principles with industry-exclusive blades. The True-Tandem ...

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Chisel Plow

The Case IH Flex-Till 600 chisel plow is durably designed to handle tough tillage conditions. Its range of shank spacing and trip point load options match your soil conditions so you can get better leveling, even in high-residue fields. Bringing you optional Working Widths from 26' 3"- 62' 0", Transport Widths from 18' 6"- 21' 8", with 27 - 81 ...

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Speed-Tiller High-Speed Disk

ALL NEW 2020 Case IH Speed-Tiller High-Speed Disk this high-speed disk is a true dual-season tool that cuts, sizes and incorporates high levels of crop residue, improving soil quality and maximizing crop yields. The Speed-Tiller is the only agronomically correct high-speed disk for productive tillage is available in a rigid mounted or trailing ...

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